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On Sat, 27 Dec 2003 13:22:25 UTC, (Jeff Malka)
Yes, but in my case both marriages were religious because one was recorded
in the synagogue records in the old town and the second one in the US was
listed in the NY records as having been performed by a rabbi in a small
lower east side synagogue. No children were born before a year after the
second marriage.
To say that the second marriage was "religious" is aside >from the point. As
you say, it was "listed" in the NY records; actually it was *certified*, and
the difference is not trivial, for the certification is the act of marriage,
as far as the State is concerned, which is why it is called a "Marriage
Certificate" -- it *certifies* that the couple is wed. The religious ceremony
takes place after the marriage is already certified civilly, and therefore
already recognized.

Note the difference between the above sequence and that evident >from
*all* the Russian and other European documents which are so often
discussed in this forum. If you read those documents carefully, what
they are saying is that witnesses came to the registrar *after* a
marriage had been performed by a clergyman, and described the
details to the civil official, who had no knowledge of them previously.

The difference is crucial, because in the Russian case, the marriage
exists first, and is registered (i.e. listed) only later, perhaps days after
being performed by the clergyman is registered.

What happened in the case of your relatives, one cannot know. Perhaps the
registration was never accomplished, which was not infrequently the case.
But if that was so, the bride had her ktuba, which is evidence of her
marriage. If the couple needed to show some civil authority that they were
married, it was not difficult to have the ktuba translated to English. I
cannot fathom why they would have felt it necessary to marry again; I am
also not sure what genealogical significance is in the fact; they were,
after all, married the first time. But it is also not unknown for elderly
chaps to feel it necessary go through a touching "Bar Mitzva" ceremony;
perhaps the motivation is similar.

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My grandparents were originally married in Poland and then were remarried
civilly when they arrived in the U.S. I think it was common as religious
ceremonies were done but not necessarily then filed/recorded civilly.

Sara R. Rice
Palos Verdes Estates, CA

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Is it common for a couple married in the old country to re-marry again in
the US?
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