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maria skwierawski <carrieskwi@...>

I am not sure if I am on the right newsgroup or not
I have a marriage in Hameron? 500 Street Pardress Hannah Palestine on the
For a Leslie Yopp who was in the Australian Army and a Miriam Caroline
Tiecher/Teicher whose father Paul Pinkus Teicher is said to have died in a
Gas Chamber on the 3/5/1943.
My Question is where would I be able to get a copy of the Marriage
Certificate and how do I find out more about where her father died.
Leslie Yopp's religion is Catholic and his father Hughie Max Adolf Yopp was
from Naumburg Germany and came to Australia in 1908.
Any Help would be appreciated
Maria Skwierawski >from Colyton NSW Australia

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