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I am trying to trace my grandfather – Velvel (Wolfe) BERMAN. I know
virtually nothing about him and there is nobody to ask. My father refused
to talk about him. The only things I know about him are that he married
young, had three children (my father and his two younger sisters) and lived
first in Tomashpol, Ukraine and then in Kishinev, Bessarabia (now Chisinau,
Moldava). My father was born in 1885 in Tomashpol but came to Kishinev when
he was three. That’s where my aunts were born. My grandfather left
Kishinev when my father was around 7. My father once mentioned that, after
fleeing Russia to escape being drafted into the army, he met his father
again in 1905 in London. My father left England in 1906 and went to America
and apparently never had any more contact with his father.

Many years ago, when I lived in London for a while, the local Chevra Kadisha
located for me 8 graves of men who might have been my grandfather, but they
needed more details. When I asked my father, his reply was “who cares?”.
At that point I gave up.

Recently somebody suggested that I try to locate my grandfather through the
1901 British Census. There I found a Wolfe Berman, age 36, and born in
Russia and living in Liverpool, working as a glazier/painter. However he
was married to Leah, daughter of Isaac and Rose Kessler, also born in
Russia. They had five children at the time, aged 4 months to 11 years -
Minnie, Solomon, Abraham, Hetty and Sarah. Minnie, the 11 year old, was
born in Russia.

If this Wolfe was my grandfather (and none of the other Bermans in the
Census fit) then it means that he had a daughter by another woman at more or
less the same time that he had a daughter by my grandmother. That might
explain why he never sent money home to his wife and why my father refused
to speak of him.

Are there any descendants of the above Wolfe Berman who could fill in more
details for me, such as where was he born? so I could have a better idea
whether he might be my grandfather.

Yehuda Berman
Efrat, Israel

Searching for: BERMAN – Tomashpol, Kishinev

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