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Carlos Glikson

Mario Jeifetz has created a genealogical website for
Moises Ville, the Jewish agricultural colony founded
in the late 19th century in the province of Santa Fe,
in Argentina. The page has a link to a full English version.

A group of settlers of Jewish agricultural colonies
arrived on board the SS Weser on August 14 1889,
fleeing pogroms and persecutions. Two years later
Baron Maurice de Hirsch founded the Jewish
Colonization Association (J.C.A.). The first families
had to suffer all kinds of ordeals when
agreements made with the land sellers failed. The first
lands were not available. The seller of alternative
lands failed to deliver - they were not
immediately transferred to their fields, and they did
not receive the animals and farming tools, as had
been contracted. Finally, they managed to settle and
the community gradually grew while new colonies
were established in Argentina.

You may find information of historical and
genealogical interest in Mario Jeifetz's website for
Moises Ville, Medanos and Monigotes, and also
information on the groups arriving >from the Podolia,
Bessarabia, Kherson and Grodno areas.

Carlos Glikson
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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