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Jenny Schwartzberg

Dear Genners,

I just found an obituary in the New York Times of Sep. 21, 1941 of my
grandmother's cousin Minnie Manson. It states that she was a member of the
Barger Cooperative Society. I couldn't find anything about it on Google or
on JewishGen's website or archives. I wonder if it refers to a shtetl. I
know Minnie's father, my great-great-uncle Boris Kaplan came >from
Baranovici and was born in Shafarnia, which appears to have been a tiny
crossroads in the Baranovici region, so I assume this might refer to her
mother Bessie's home town about which I know nothing. I don't know her
maiden name. There are a lot of possible Barger/Barga towns with many
different spellings on Shtetlseeker. I'm hoping this society will sound
familiar to someone.

Yours, Jenny Schwartzberg
Gniewoszow, Poland; KAPLAN, Antopol, Belarus; KAMENETZKY, Antopol, Belarus;
PILCHIK, Selets, Belarus; PLOTNITZKY, Selets, Belarus; TELECHANSKY, Motol
and Drogichin, Belarus; SHERESHEVSKY, Motol, Belarus; GAYLBURD, Priluki
Staraya, Turbov, and Vinnitsa, Ukraine; GORDY, Vinnitsa, Ukraine; LUNDI,
Priluki Staraya, Ukraine; KANTOROWITZ, Baranovici and Turetz, Belarus;

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