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ralph dannheisser

I'm afraid I missed the initial posting, so this message is based on Jane
Voge-Kohai's response, below:

Jewish Memorial Hospital was located at the intersection of Broadway and
196th St., not 193rd.

Of this I'm sure, since I grew up next door to the hospital, in a six story
apartment building at 609 W. 196th.

I can't be as precise as to the street address, as the main entrance was
angled toward the Broadway side, but it would have been approximately 4600
or 4700 Broadway. (The ambulance entrance was on the 196th St. side.)

FYI, the hospital opened in 1938 -- the same year that I did. As Jane
suggests, it has been replaced by a public elementary or middle school.

Ralph Dannheisser
Silver Spring, MD.

Here is the text of Message 347260:

Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2004 14:14:31 +0200
From: Jane Vogel-Kohai & Ofer Kohai <>
Subject: Jewish Memorial Hospital

Jewish Memorial Hospital was located in upper Manahttan, on Broadway at
approximately 193rd St. (don't know the building number, but it was on
the east side of Broadway). It closed about 20 years ago, I don't know
of any merger. The building was torn down, there is a school there now,
I think.
Good luck -
Jane Vogel-Kohai
Jerusalem, Israel

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