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Stan Goodman wrote:

The term "gubernia" is Russian. At any time when a region is
*legitimately* described as a gubernia, it must have been
governed by pre-revolution Russia. The parallel Polish term
is "wojewodztwo", and this is the term used wherever Poland
was sovereign after WWI.

The word gubernya was used in Yiddish, and continued to be used after

Jews in Poland in the inter-war years used the word gubernya to mean
province (wojewodztwo)
And so we continue to use it today, right here on this forum. But the
correct nomenclature varied with time and circumstances, as I described in
my earlier note, and my object was to clarify that. This was pertinent in
light of the earlier query to which I was responding.

Actually, the former Lomza Gubernia no longer exists under any name at all,
having been absorbed into a larger region, and the resulting wojewodztwo is
called "Podlasie".

Stan Goodman, Qiryat Tiv'on, Israel

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