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I am new at this research and also, do not know German so please bear with

At the time of the occupation, my family was living in Vienna. I am a Pick
(of Pick/Frankel descent) and through marriage, also related to Podrul and
Abosch. I am looking for Max Abosch (who may be living in Alberta), or his
descendants. Max was my father's cousin. I believe that Max's father may
have been Josef Abosch who in 1940 was living in New York, probably in the
Bronx. Max escaped to England where my father was also a refugee.

I have a letter >from Dr. Conrad Hoffman >from the Board of National Missions
of the Presbyterian Church, 156 Fifth Avenue, New York sent to my father
Josef Pick in England dated August 7, 1940. Dr. Hoffman refers to my
father's uncle as "Abush" which may have been a typo error. >from other
correspondences, I believe that Dr. Hoffman knew my family in Vienna. In
this letter, Dr. Hoffman says that Uncle "Abush" had reported that his son
had been interred and was believed to have been sent to Canada.

Yesterday I received news that Max Abosch lives in Calgary and also that his
daughter Dorrie was a resident doctor in Toronto in the 1990's. I cannot
find a telephone listing for either. Can anyone help me please? Dorrie is
probably listed under a married name by now. If these people are part of my
family, I would like to contact them. I have photographs and other documents
I would like to share with them.

I am in contact with 2 PODRUL and PADRUL families in the U.S.A. (formerly
from Russia) who found each other and are second cousins. Any relationship
with my family is probably distant, but this is a very unusual name. I would
appreciate hearing >from any other PODRUL/PADRUL.

I am also researching for descendants of: EISNER (my g-grandmother's maiden
name - born in Wamberg/Vamberk CZ ; details of any siblings of my
g-grandfather JOSEF PICK born in Mestec Kralove, Czech Republic who died
there in 1912; any knowledge of siblings of my grandfather Otto PICK (born
in Mestec Kralove, CZ) and moved to Vienna in about 1912; ABOSCH, PODRUL,
Kurt WEISZ (who may also have escaped to England); and Beile FRANKEL geb.
BAUERNFREUND geb. 30.3.1899 in Sedziszow, Haushalt.

Julie JONES, Burlington, Ontario

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