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Carlos Glikson

What is a good method to determine the distances between shtels?
1. Locate one shtetl using ShtetlSeeker. Go to

and click on Search for towns by name

2. Enter the name for the shtetl and country, if known. Use exact spelling
first if you are sure about it. Use Daitch Mokotoff Soundex if you have no
results with exact spelling or if you are unsure. Use ShtetlSeeker to locate
the first shtetl.

3. Identify the first shtetl and make a note of its coordinates. "Write down
the latitude and longitude for the town(s) you have found. You can then
search for other towns within a given distance of that location. ". Click on
the coordinates if you want to see a map displayed in MapQuest.

4. Go back to

5. Enter the name for the second shtetl and country, if known. Use the
Advanced Feature: "You can specify your own 'central location' to measure
distances and directions from: "

6. You have a note with two groups of four digits each you obtained in .3.
Now enter degrees and minutes of latitude and longitude in four sets of two
digits each, extracted sequentially >from the groups in your note, and Start
the Search. You will obtain a list of all towns in the database with the
exact spelling or DM Soundex, and distances and direction >from the first

If you want all shtetlach up to 30 (or less) miles >from the first one, you
may use
Search for towns by location

For places whose location you know but can not find in ShtetlSeeker, map
both using MapQuest, look for an appropriate map center, zoom out or in
looking for a scale that will include both, and estimate distances using the
map scale.

Formulas used in navigation and geometry may also provide precise distances
from one point of the globe to another, given their coordinates.
If the distances you are looking for are along twisting roads and not in a
straight line, you would have to obtain virtual or paper road maps or
distance tables.

Hope this helps,

Carlos Glikson
Buenos Aires

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