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Carlos Glikson

Does anyone know of surnames associated with the profession of shochet
According to Benjamin Edelstein's dictionary of Jewish last names (AGJA's
recent edition, Spanish) some other last names related to the schochet are:

Shub, Shuub, Szub, Szubb, Schub - acronym of Shochet Ubodek
Schar, Scher, Szer, Shar, Sher, Schere - acronym of Shochet Rab (another
meanings are related to scissors/tailors)
Reches (Spanish phonetics Rejes) - acronym of Rab Chazan Shochet (another
meaning is related to Rachel)

Diccionario de Apellidos Judios - Su etimologia, variantes y derivados
Benjamin Edelstein
Asociacion de Genealogia Judia de Argentina - Editorial Dunken
Buenos Aires 2003
ISBN 987-02-0309-4

Carlos Glikson
Buenos Aires

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