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Willie Glaser

While researching the Jewish presence in the "First Polish Armoured
Division", I came across a number of names of Polish Jewish soldiers killed
in action in France and are mostly buried in the military cemetery in
Langannerie, France.
Perhaps these names have a meaning to somebody. The 60th anniversary of the
Normandy landing will be commemorated in June in many towns of Normandy.

Biezuner, Szoel b. May 6, 1921 Zuromnia p.Sierpc
Goldstaub, Gustaw b. May 10, 1922 Frankfurt a/M Germany
Goldin, Michal b. August 8, 1922 Warszawa
Hertz, Leon Ignacy b. February 12, 1911 Lodz
Hirsz or Wilk, Wiktor, b. October 10, 1909
Hudes, Feliks b.December 15, 1921 Tyszowce p. Tomaszow
Iglewicz, Lebj b. December 26, 1909 Bialystok
Kneppel, Salo b. October 1, 1922 Berlin Germany
Oberklajd, Izaak b. July 17, Kock p. Likow
Simon, Henryk b. February 5, 1913 Warszawa
Sirota, Igor Jerzy b. January 1, 1922 Rowne
Strawczinski, Judka b.August 8, 1905 Kielce
Trocki, Adolf b. March 24, 1915 Wilno
Wajnkopf, Roman b. February 5, 1913 Mogielnica p. Grojec

Willie Glaser
Montreal, Quebec Canada

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