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Mary D. Taffet <mdtaffet@...>

My husband's great-grandmother was called Fannie here in the US. On her
tombstone a name is written in Hebrew which was previously translated
for me as one of the following (copying >from my notes, no two
translations were the same):

-- Fedel Vita (?? women didn't have Hebrew names -- this is Yiddish and
I'm not sure of it) daughter of David
-- Fradel Vitah
-- Fradel Vita
-- Fradl Vita
-- Fraedel Vita
-- Fraidel Vitta
-- Fraydel Vitah
-- Fraydel Vita
-- Frazel Veetah
-- Freddel Vita
-- Freidel Vita? (Yiiddish names)
-- Freidl Vite
-- Frodel(?) (or Fradel(?)) Vitta
-- P-V-A-D-A-L- V-V-Y-T-A bat David (never come across a name like this
at all! Something like Fuidal Vita perhaps??)
-- Poazal (Foazal) Vita
-- Puazal? Vita

This family came >from Galicia, more specifically the area around Dembitz
(at least that's what we think). Fannie/Fradel Vita (or whatever) was
from Gorlitz, Galicia, which appears to be present-day Gorlice, Poland.
I don't know if there was a standard correlation between Fradel and
Fannie or not.

-- Mary Taffet

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