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Daniel Gee <DanielGee@...>

Does the name Gloria KOLTZ of Chicago ring any bells?
She worked for the Evans Furs Co. in the 1940s and died in 1986, aged 84.
Her last known address was XXX Sunnyside Ave, Chicago, Illinois.
I think she was married to Pinkus KOLTZ (he died in 1990).
PINKUS had sisters called Milly & Eva.
Between them, their kids were Lydia, Jeanette, Cyril & Linda.
The surname may have been changed to Coltz, Colts or even Katz.
I do know some cousins changed their surname to Collis.
Any clues, ideas or suggestions are most welcome.
Thank you,
Daniel Gleek in London.

Also searching for:
BENJAMIN (New York) HERMAN (New York)
WAINSTOK (Kolo) GLICK (Chicago)
GLEEK/GLICK (South Africa & Palestine) KELLER (Warsaw)

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