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Roland Tompowsky <roland.tompowsky@...>

Dear genealogists!
I have persons in my Tumpowsky (with origin Wladyslawow, Lithuania) family
who I have found travelling >from Germany - England to US. I have found them
among the passengers arriving in New York, USA and have had through, the possibility to look in the original passenger lists. Here
I have found them mentioned but without any further directions for there
Earlier I have found a couple of this passengers living in South Africa at a
later point of time.
How did they travel >from US to South Africa? They must have gone with a
ship, but >from where and what route. Anyone knows where to find about
passengerlists for ships going to South Africa (and maybe >from SA to Europe
or US). in the 19th c and in the beginning of the 20th c.
Hope for an answer.

Kindly regards

Roland Tompowsky

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