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Raanan S Isseroff <raanan1@...>

Dear group and the untiring staff of Jewishgen,
(Lo Yanum Ve Lo Ishan..?)
I want to personally thank everyone who has responded to my email
about Mesibuz. People have sent all sorts of information and links.
Book info, family info, etc.

I have (thank G-d) collected the names and will write
to you each privately about making some collective effort to research
this town.
I will let the group know what comes out of this!
It is odd, that this town, the font of the Chassidic movement is left to
sleep for so long!
I guess everyting "has-its-time"! (Ha Kol Be-Ito in Hebrew)

Wishing everyone a most happy Purim (in 2 weeks)!
All the best and a good Chodesh,
Raanan Isseroff
Brooklyn, NY
US of A

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