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I have trying to solve the puzzle of the origin of my wife's family for a few
years. I now have two records >from Novogrudok uzeyd posted on Viewmate 2

1. VM 3669 1834 Revision list header

2. VM 3669 1850 Revision list header

I would like sometime to identify which town the record is from. So far I
have three candidates but no concensus yet. It would be great to match the name
in the record with a Russina map. The three candidates are:

A. Gorodische (Haradzysca) (About 30 kilometers west of Gorodeya, between
Baranavici & Navagrudok)

B. Gorodeya (Haradzeja) (94 kilometers SW of Minsk, between Minsk &

C. Gorodnya (?)

Mike Karsen
Mount Prospect, IL USA

FROST (Bucharest/Alexandria, Romania)
PEKARSKY (Khodorkov/Staraya Kotelnya/Volosov/Zhitomir, Ukraine)
PELTZER (Zhitomir, Ukraine; FRIEDMAN (Kremenets, Ukraine)
YANKELOVICH, SHEPSOLOVITCH (Minsk gubernia, Belarus)
LADON (Lithuania); BLANKFELD/BLANKFIELD (Shavel, Lithuania)

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