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Lifshitz-Krams Anne

We already had several times this discussion about names translations.
I suppose the "translation" was different in different countries depending
on the names in use at this moment in each countrie, on the translation from
hebrew in each language ... and also on the parents tastes.
Some will prefer "Leon" because it sounds very much like "lion" and comes
from the latin "leo" which actually means "lion", but some will not like
this name and will take "Louis" as a phonic substitute to "Leib" (or to
"loup" in French), even if they call their son "Glory in the battle" (german
meaning of Ludwig) when they want to call him "lion" (or wolf for french
people), or even an other name because it begins by an L.


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My grandfather's Hebrew name was Yehuda Leib, a Hebrew and Yiddish pair
of names that essentially meant the same thing. As in Dov Bear (both
meaning bear) and Hirsh Zvi (both meaning deer), Judah and Leib were
connected because of their relationship to the word lion.
Since my grandfather was called Leib in Europe, his "Americanized" name
became Louis, a name that also began with the letter l.

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