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David Priever

Dear Fellow Landsman of BDSandV,

In April of 2001 I sent an email where I used the words ......."I want to
start something".....regarding BDSandV.

Many of you responded and asked me to keep you updated. Pretty much
everything got in my way of answering you quickly and getting this
"something" started. Many of you may have known that this something was a
project of photographing the lansdmanshaften plots relating to our shtetlech
of BDSandV in the cemeteries in New York City.

I did start that immediately and took about 180 photos which are still on

Everything happened (professional and family obligations) to stop me >from
finishing this of the greatest being a computer. I once again
have one and *desperately* want to bring this project full steam ahead.

I need to re-establish contact with all of you involved with BDSandV.
Please contact me ASAP so I can *start quickly* and accomplish this important


David Priever

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