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My interest in genealogy all derived >from interest in the sporting history
of my family. As a competitive athlete myself, and a sociologist of sport,
I started out by trying to find out more about my grandfather, Sam
GOLDSTEIN, who played high-level (but not pro) baseball in Indianapolis in
the early part of the 20th century. Since I started trying to locate the
name of the baseball team for which he pitched, I have uncovered generation
upon generation of ancestors in all corners of the globe, but have had no
success finding out anything about my sporting genealogy.

I suspect that it would not be a terribly difficult task to help uncover
this information for someone based in Indianapolis. Is there someone in
that city who is interested in baseball and might be willing to do a
sporting-page look up or three for me? Please contact me privately.

Annemarie JUTEL
Dunedin, New Zealand

RESEARCHING: HIRSCHLER (Hessheim), MANHEIM (Ottensoos), LOEB (Strasbourg),
KAHN (Hannover), GOLDSTEIN (Marijampole), STEINBERG (Marijampole?),
DROZDOWITZ (Plonsk/Zakroczym).

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