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Micha Reisel

Dear Genners,
According to family lore my Pggm Lea Reisel born Kaplan, was
the aunt of Charlie Chaplins father, making my father the second cousin to
Charlie himself.
I know that most sources deny that the Chaplins were Jewish, but
I am trying to ascertain if someone knows where in Lithuania the
Chaplins came >from and if their name was Kaplan before becoming Chaplin

Take care,

Micha Reisel, Hod HaSharon, Israel
Searching for: Lithuania: REISEL >from Shaki, SMOLIZANSKI >from Kalvarija.
Belarus: WIGDOROWITZ (VIGDOROVICH) >from Ostrina.
Germany: LIEFMANN >from Hanau, WEINBERG & BUECHLER >from Neustadt-Goedens.
The Netherlands: MULLER & VAN ENGEL >from Goor, WOLFF >from Meppel.

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