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Dear Geners,

Trying to locate any information about the following BAER families of
Soultz-sous-Forets, Alsace (Bas-Rhin), France:

Living at 16 Frohnacker St in the 1851 census:

BAER, Marx, merchant, age 70
REH, Esther, spouse, age 60

BAER, Nathan, merchant, age 30
REH, Caroline, spouse, age 26
BAER, Albert, boy, age 4
BAER, Caroline, girl, age 2

BAER, Jacques, single, merchant, age 27
BAER, Jonas, brother, merchant, age 25
BAER, Emanuel, brother, merchant, age 21
BAER, Jules, brother, merchant, age 19
ZILLER, Caroline, servant, age 20

Living at 17 Frohnacker St:

BAER, Abraham, merchant, age 40
WEIL, Christine, spouse, age 43
BAER, Babette, girl, age 12
BAER, Pauline, girl, age 10

WEIL, Abraham, widower, age 60
WEIL, Leon, boy, merchant, age 28

I am particularly interested in Marx BAER because he is not in the 1808
Name Adoption list for the town. Perhaps he came >from Germany? Is this
likely for someone to cross borders in this time period (1810-1850)?


- Deborah Scheimer,
RUDICK, Belilovka, Ukraine -> Pittsburgh, PA 1904-1912
PERVIN, Berdichev & Zhitomir, Ukraine -> Pittsburgh, PA & Canada
1892-1917 GUNDERSHEIMER, Mittelsinn, Germany--> Columbus,OH,
Pittsburgh,PA, & Florida 1840-1940 BINSTOCK changed to BEAN, Germany -->
Boston, MA 1910-1920?
BAER, Stebbach, Germany --> Wheeling, WV & Alsace-Lorraine,France --> Wyoming;

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