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Ellen Graham <elleng@...>

Today, I received 5 death certificates >from Warsaw that were found as a
result of the wonderful work being done by the JRI project. I tried to
translate the text in these records, initially thinking they were written in
Polish. It appears, through the notes concerning these records on the JRI
page, that they were actually written in Russian. Unfortunately, I cannot
seem to recognize the scripted characters well enough to convert them into
words, thus the Russian to English and Polish to English translation tools
are not working for me.

Would any of you be willing to take a look at one of these or suggest an
inexpensive service that can translate the information for me ? It would
very much be appreciated.

On another note, I'd like to share with everyone that I mailed the order
form for these records on February 16th and three weeks later the copies
were in my hands. This is the fastest turnaround time for any records I have
ever ordered, including those >from the NY archives in which I actually
provided microfiche reel numbers and certificate numbers. Wow !!!

Thanks to all,

Ellen Nadaner Graham

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