JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Russian "Gerim" #general

Mervyn Doobov <mdoobov@...> (John & Michelle Urban) wrote

We received a query >from a lady of 91 and was wondering whether you can help.
She had been told that : In the late 1800s a large group of Russians
converted en-masse to Judaism and were known as 'Gerim'.
They went to Palestine and then in the early 1900s many of them migrated
to Perth, Western Australia.

Is this correct?
If so, does anyone have any information at all.

Thank you.

Michelle & John Urban
Perth, Western Australia

This does not appply particulary to gerim >from Russia but, in the years
1920 - 1931, 40% of the Jewish immigrants >from Palestine to Australia
settled in Perth, probably because it was the first port of call (see
Suzanne D. Rutland, "Edge of the Disapora", Collins 1988).

-- Mervyn Doobov, Jerusalem, Israel.

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