Searching for HEILBRUNN family #germany

Susan Edel

I am looking for information about the children of Dr. Berthold HEILBRUNN
born on 10.1865 in Netra (Kreis Eschwege) and his wife Frieda nee KRONACHER,
born 9.12.1876 in Fuerth, Bavaria, Germany. Frieda died during the holocaust.

The children I know of are:
Beatrix born 3.3.1907 in Fulda
Heinrich born 1.4.1908 in Fulda
Johanna born 13.4.1909 in Fulda
Gertrud born 26.2.1911 in Fulda.

It would appear that Johanna married Dr. Frizt GRONEMAN and they came to
Israel, and are no longer living.
Heinrich went to the USA and changed his name to Henry.

Can anyone help me with information about Beatrix or Gertrud? I believe one
of them married and lived in Austria and may have had children.
The family left Fulda in 1912 and I do not know if they had any more
children after 1912.

I would be very grateful if anyone has information about this family.

With thanks and Chanuka sameach,

Susan Edel, Petach Tikva, Israel

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