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Hans Wolf

Dear Genners,

I'am looking for information about two familymembers who left Germany and went
to the States. >from both I know just a little;

Alfred WOLF, born in Bensheim, Hessen, Germany. Birthdate roughly 1905. He
died in the US military service on a training mission in about 1942-1943.
Questions: When and how did Alfred Wolf left Germany. Where did he arrived?
Under which circumstances he died? What was his birthdate?

The next one is named Milan Wolf. He also was born in bensheim, birthdate
unknown. I know that Milan left germany and probally died in St. Louis, USA..
Questions: When and how did Milan Wolf left germany? Where did he arrived?
When did he died? Does he have children? Is Milan a sort of pet name for Wilhelm?

Alfred and Milan Wolf where children of Wilhelm an Helena Wolf-Buchmann >from

They had also two daughters;
Recha or Rega Wolf, born 03-12-1902
Martha Wolf, born 03-10-1900 both in Bensheim.
According to the info >from a great-grand aunt they bott killed during the war.

Who can give me info about them!

With best regards,

Hans Wolf

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