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I'm trying to find info on the family of David BROWN. What I know is as follows:

David Brown married in Phila Ida PICKHOLTZ aka Ida PICKFORD on Nov. 29, 1922.

They had a son, Marvin BROWN in 1924, who was deserted by the parents. Nothing is
known of this son. Help needed here.

Ida (PICKHOLTZ/PICKFORD)BROWN lived somewhere in Florida with her sister Selma
PICKHOLTZ (may have uses her mother's maiden name of SMITH).

Ida was hospitalized in Oct. of 1927 at the Metropolitan Hospital at Welfare
Island, NYC, under the name Ida GIBSON.

I am looking for *any* and *all* info on any of the above people.

Contact me privately.

Steve Pickholtz
Tabernacle, NJ
searching-- PICKHOLTZ (all spellings), WINITSKY (all spellings) and KLEIN/KLINE
(of the Phila. JCC family)

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