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Daniel Gee <DanielGee@...>

Dear Genners,
I am trying to find my 'KRASNAPOLSKI' family - can you help?
My gggrandmother Clara Kupchick was married to a Mr Krasnapolski.
They wed in about 1890/1 in a village north east of Odessa.
Their daughters were Sophie & Tilly, but he was killed by robbers in 1886.
There is a Krasnopol in Poland, so his family may have come >from there.
Clara remarried, and the first 2 daughters took their stepfather's surname.
The family, called Isowitzsky (later Isow), then travelled to London in
Mr Krasnapolski's name only just came to light, after a decade of searching.
So I now have a surname, but nothing more. Can you help?
Do any of the above snippets of information ring any bells with you?
If so please get in touch!
Daniel Gleek in London

Also searching for information on Hyman and Rebecca SACK.
Hyman came >from Russia to London via Cape Town in the early 1900s.
The SACK children were Reuben, Jessie (married Alf) and Lily (married
Do you remember any siblings called Reubem, Jessie & Lily Sack?
The grandchildren (who would now be aged around 60-70) were called
Nina, Norma and Barbara, but their surname wouldn't be SACK
and they may not be siblings, but cousins. Please help!!

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