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Dear Genners,
When my father Hyman SIMONOWITZ, passed away in 1994, my uncle handed me a
bunch of papers. I recently "rediscovered" the papers. The title on the paper
is Presidential Associates. It appears to have something to do with a Stock
Buying Co-Op.
The date was Sept. 1966.
The columns are titled: Shares,Security(Names Of Stocks), P.P., MKT. 9/30,
Total Market Value.
There was a committee meeting on Oct.11 @The Cleaners And Dyers Board Of Trade,
223 second Ave. Corner of 14th street.
It also asked that the monthly check of members be made out to a Joseph
Eisenberg c/o Eisenberg, Shapiro and Co. 100 Williams Street. NY
I checked and cannot locate any information on the above. 100 Williams Street
is a Starbucks. 223 sec. Ave. didn't come up.
I am hoping that someone out there was a member and can point me in the
My father was a shoe salesman for over 60 years. There isn't anyone around in
my family, who could assist me.
Irene Swedroe

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