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Simon Srebrny <srebrny@...>

Dear colleagues,

I would just like to call on you all to "brainstorm" a little as the
deadline approaches - TUESDAY, 31 MARCH 2004 - for registering claims
to assets in eastern Germany held in trust by the Claims Conference.

There is a list of such assets at and instructions on
what to do.

In recent weeks I have called relatives around the world to encourage
them to claim what is rightfully theirs. None of them had any idea of
the list, or the assets, or the deadline. So just imagine how many
people out there ( you?! ) are going to fail to get their (your?!) due

So just review your data to see if your kin - or you yourselves -
should submit a claim.

Consider also that it is not just German Jews, but also immigrants to
Germany - >from Russia, Poland, Austro-Hungary (Galicia etc) - who may
have left assets behind when they were chased out or killed by the

This is a public service message. I have no material interest in other
people's assets.

>from a genealogical point of view, the documentation that the Claims
Conference must already have gathered and that prospective heirs may
yet have to assemble could prove extremely valuable.

Do any of you know what will become of the Claims Conference's archives
when its activities wind down or cease? They certainly need to be
secured for future generations of historians - including, of course,
family historians! Or even the present generation, though I guess that
is more than unlikely.

Good luck.

Simon Srebrny

from London, currently living in Berlin

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