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Jerome Seligsohn <jselig1315@...>

I place then names, location[general] and dates of the
membership of Belarus landsmanshaften on the Jewishgen
Belarus website. It discourages me no end to see
requests for name information on Belarus shtetls with
the correspondents having no ideas that they can check
these shtetls on the aforementioned website.
Apparently the thought that the relatives might be on
this website does not occur to the seekers . In fact,
many of these people wind up on the American
Landsmanshaft rolls.
I also have completed some sixty pus collections this
past year for all landsmanshaften outside of my
Belarus specialty area for YIVO Archives where I am
pleased to volunteer.
For those of you who have landsmanshaften materials,
especially name lists found in dues books or
anniversary celebratory booklets I would suggest that
you donate it to YIVO Archives, Center for Jewish
History, 40 West 16th St, NY, NY.

Jerome Seligsohn

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