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Alice Josephs

In addition to Jodie Binstock's previous posting on tips
for a visit to Poland and Lithuania, I also have the
same sort of query.

A cousin is going on a business trip to Warsaw mid
May and wishes to visit the ancestral shtetl of Pultusk
has asked for any tips,genealogically-speaking.

1) What Jewish genealogical resources are there in Warsaw?
What are the procedures for getting in touch with and
getting the maximum possible (in a limited time!) >from the
Jewish Historical Institute, for example?

2) Can anyone who has visited the Polish State Archives
explain what are the procedures for seeing records.
Can one contact them in advance so that they have
records available? Is it better to write or phone?

3) Is there anybody they can recommend as a good guide to the
genealogical resources and Jewish sites in Pultusk
(which is not far >from Warsaw)?

4) I have some information on Pultusk >from listers on
the Pultusk mailing list at Yahoo! Groups -
This includes the fact that apparently some museums
in Pultusk have some Jewish gravestones. However previous
letters sent to these museums have elicited no reply.
Are there any tips anyone can give for trying to get
information on these and any other artifacts they may hold?

In short if anyone can give me any information and tips,
I'd really appreciate it. Please contact me privately unless
your mailing is of genealogical interest for the
Jewishgen mailing list.

Alice Josephs
See my website at

MODERATOR NOTE: JewishGen's resources include InfoFiles on a variety
on subjects. For research in Poland, please see:

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