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My cousin's wife in Budapest is looking to find out about an uncle of hers
who lived in Boca Raton, Florida. He was Ernest Steiner, born in 1896 in
Hungary (later Czechoslovakia). He came to the US >from Prague just before
the Germans occupied it. I have discovered by looking in the US SSDI
records that he died in 1989. He and my cousin's wife had been in fairly
regular contact up to 1985 but then lost contact because she got (re)married
and changed both her address and her name.

It is possible that Mr Steiner's estate had tried to contact her after his
death as being one of only a few remaining relatives. I would like to ask
first if there are any members that may have known Mr Steiner to get in
touch with me off-list. Secondly, If anyone could recommend a lawyer in Boca
Raton who could be asked to look into the estate issue (for a fee, of
course), I would be grateful for a suggestion - once again off-list.

Thank you,

Judy Young (Ottawa, Canada)

MODERATOR NOTE: Please send recommendations for lawyers privately.

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