JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Translation Request - Szydlowiec death registration of Rejowski #general

David Colman <davidcolman@...>

The 1857 registration of my gggg grandfather's death, states: "...umart w
Szydlowiec Michel Rejowski ukonsensowany Duchowny Synagogi...".

I have review a copy of this document with several Polish friends. We all
agree that we have decipehered the handwriting correctly, but none of them
are aware of the word "ukonsensowany" or its meaning. Everybody seems to
think it must be related to "konsens", related to the English word
"concensus", but they all think it doesn't seem quite right.

As well, would Duchowny necessarily refer to a rabbi? Until now, almost all
of my ancestors have been tailors, so the occupation translation work has
been easy.

I would appreciate any help or information available.

David Colman
Toronto, Ontario

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