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Ines <Ines.Mannhardt@...>

Hello fellow listers,
I am new to this list but not new to mailing lists. I am also a transcriber
for ISTG. A while ago I transcribed a ship with Jewish refugees >from
Lisbon, Portugal to NY. On this ship were several passengers that had
notations that they were going to organizations that helped Jews and Jewish
children travelling alone. If anybody is interested, it's the SS Mouzinho
at, volume 6. This is not really the reason for my
note, just an explanation. I am currently reviewing a ship and have found
several passengers that were going to "Agent Bader", address was E.
Broadway in New York, this was 1909 while the SS Mouzinho was 1941. I am
wondering if maybe this Agent Bader was associated with a similar
organisation, like the US Committee for protection of European children.
Any ideas would be welcome,
thank you and have a nice weekend, Ines Mannhardt

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