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Dear Genners,

A hearty thank you to all who helped with the French translation of Marx
BAEHR's 1813 marriage certificate. I learned that even though his
parent's names were missing, his birthdate and town of birth were
present, leading me to his parent's and also his *grandparent's* names on
the 1784 census! This rollercoaster ride of research is much more fun
than a visit to the amusement park!

JewishGenners are the best!

- Deb

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From: Scheimer, Deborah


I finally found the marriage certificate of Marx BAEHR of Birlenbach,
France and Ester REH of Reichshoffen, France dated July 26, 1813 and
wouldn't you know it, the groom's parents' names were left *blank* on
the form!!!

I am so frustrated that I could scream!

I will try to calm down.... Perhaps something can be salvaged from

The writing on the marriage certificate is in the old script, so is
difficult for me to read even though it is written neatly. All the i's,
u's, n's and m's look the same: like a bunch of u's. I posted the top
half and bottom half of the certificate separately to Viewmate and I'm
hoping that someone can translate the handwritten words.

Top half:

Bottom half:

Also, I found the marriage certificate in the bride's town of
Reichshoffen. Does anyone know whether a second marriage certificate
would have been filed in the grooms' village of Birlenbach (a very small
village near Drachenborn), on which I might find his parents' names?

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide,

- Deb Scheimer, deborah.scheimer@...

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