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Although I cannot help Eleanor Thom discover any of her personal family
history I would like offer some insight into a possibility as to why her
maternal grandmother, Deborah (Dora) TANNENBAUM lived most of her
childhood in an orphanage in Berlin when there were also aunts and
uncles in Berlin. Eleanor thought it was a mystery why Dora was not
cared for within the family. It is possible that times were tough and
the families might not have been able to support one more person.

I have a friend and his brother who grew up in a Jewish orphanage in New
York in the 1940s. Their parents divorced and the father left to parts
unknown. Their mother had to work to support the family and the
orphanage was the only way her children could be cared for while she
worked. The children lived in the orphanage but were never there to be
adopted. It was more like a boarding school. The mother never abandoned
her two sons. She was an attentive mother who would come to visit the
boys several times a week. The orphanage was child care in those days as
opposed to what is offered today by dropping off the children on a daily
basis to an all day care center. My friend told me that there were quite
a few boys living in the orphanage in his same situation where the
families had no other althernatives to assuring their children were safe
and cared for.

My friend flourished in that environment because he had alot of male
role models, paricipated in alot of interesting activities and studies.
He was introduced to shop trades and became a wood shop teacher as an
adult. His brother on the other hand was very lonely for his mother and
his home environment. Both men grew up to be very kind and loving
fathers and family men building their lives based on their early life

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