Joodse Werkdorp Wieringerwaard #germany

Dave Lichtenstein

Dear All

I am seeking your assistance on the Jewish Work Village (I believe that this
is the Dutch translation of Joodse Werkdorp)in Wieringerwaard, the
Netherlands. >from the written accounts of the Jewish Emigration Training
Farm, Gross-Breesen in Silesia just out of then Breslau (now Polish Wroclaw)
it is stated that: "On 10th November 1938, all males over eighteen years of
age were separated >from the others and transported, via Breslau, to
Buchenwald Concentration Camp. The group that had been dragged off to
Buchenwald was not released until the middle of December 1938. Most of the
trainees released >from Buchenwald found a temporary haven in the
Netherlands, where they were permitted to await their ultimate emigration
from Europe in the Jewish work camp Wieringerwaard (Joodse Werkdorp

I have unequivocal background information confirming that: my father was a
student in Gross-Breesen; was incarcerated at Buchenwald and released; and
subsequently ended up in the Temporary Jews Shelter in East London; before
sailing for Kenya in early 1939 (before the War). However, how it is
unclear how he ended up in London. I was wondering whether he may have made
his way >from Buchenwald (by road or train) to Wierignwaard initially, prior
to obtaining a boat passage to somewhere in the UK or directly to London.

Does anyone know about the Joodse Werkdorp Wieringerwaard? And if so
whether any records were kept (which have survived) of arrivals and
departures? Many thanks in advance

Dave Lichtenstein, Sydney, Australia

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