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Ury Link

Dear Genners,
I read today the letter of Daniel with the title :

>>Subject: LoebTree - Ashkenazi/Sephardi Family tree with 22,000+ names
going back to biblical times >>>

I am >from nature a sceptic man when it go to early generation before 1600
because I know how difficult it is to find material about persons and
special to find documents. I get curious and look into his website
Daniel have do a great work on his website with all the link's to other
websites etc.....

But when I see in his genealogy's this verse: " unknown gap of about 20
generations" then I get nervous.
In Genealogy you must to have a continuous line otherwise it is only a nice
story or a legend but not a genealogy.
Sorry for my hard words'
Best regards
Ury Link

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