Re: The given name Sussman #germany

Ury Link

Dear genners

What Brian Stern >from Lexingyon, KY has written is correct, but if you
givind something >from the JewishGen database arcive, then please give
all what is written about this name Sussmann/Zusman/Zisman. In the
same page you find more explanation about this name and not only the
name Meshulam. For this name as a Kinui we have in this page more name
as Aziel,Elazar,Imanuel,Meshulam Yekusiel (Yekutiel) and Yoyl (Yoel).
But in other bookd are more names
given ,Eliezer,Alexander,Israel,Yitzchak,Moshe,Yerachmiel,Shneeor and Jehoshu.

We can said that the nickname (Kinui) Sussman (also Zisman, Zusman) is
like the Kinui Zelig a name that you can connect with more then one
name only. It is more then one explanation for this costume. I think
that in the archive of the JewishGen you can find maore about this name.

My sources are , the Divorce book "Get Mesudar" by Elazar Mintz
printed in Bilguria,Poland in 1902 and also in the book "Beith Shmuel"
an explanation of ther "Even Ezer" as a part of the Shulchan Aruch,
written by Shmuel son of Uri Feibush in the year 1689 in Poland. Best regards

Ury Link, Amsterdam Holland <>

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