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Dear Genners,

This would be funny if it weren't so pathetic. Unfortunately, it's the

Homeland Security has sent me about 5 sets (or partial sets) of
naturalization documents in response to my FOIA request for paperwork on my
great-aunt, Rose/Ruchel Einhorn. None is the Rose/Ruchel EINHORN I
requested. (Yep, I gave them all the correct information, they ignored it.)

Similarly with my great-uncle, Samuel/Sam EINHORN. I have paperwork on 3 or
4 people by the same name who are not my great-uncle (but they did find my
great-uncle, too!).

So if anyone out there happens to be looking for paperwork on Rose/Ruchel or
Sam/Samuel EINHORN, please contact me privately. I may have the papers
you're looking for - or better yet, we might be connected.


Wendy Griswold
Arlington VA

Researching: BLITZ, PFEIFFER/FIFER - Zhurawno (near Lemburg/Lvov)

EINHORN, WENZELBERG, SHIFULDREM (any spelling) Galicia, Limanowa area (Nowy
Sacz, Czarny Dunajec, Ochotnica, Mlynczyska)

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