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Eliane Roos <ljrooschuhl@...>

From: "Inacio Steinhardt" <>
Date: Fri, 7 May 2004
For those of you interested in the surname STEINHARDT in its different
spellings, I am pleased to announce that I have added today to my site a
new page about the STEINHARDT's of Flonheim (Germany)
my STEINHAR(D)Ts originate >from Steinhart, Bavaria but my ancestor went to
live as a great rabbi in Alsace, then in Fuerth, Bav.
So I do not think we are related, or are we ? I do not know Flonheim.

It was written in French... Raphael’s birth record confirms that French
was the language of Flonheim when Samuel and Gertrude Steinhardt lived there
at the beginning of this family branch (...) in the year 1814,
Emperor Napoleon I created those French departments in Germany and imposed
French law there, which was very good for the Jews, till his fall in 1815
when the German reaction prevailed against them.

so no surprise if the documents are written in French.

best regards to you, even if we are not cousins...

Eliane Roos Schuhl, Paris, France

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