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Benzy Shani <bshani@...>

Sheva is most certainly a name. Old Ashkenazim would pronounce it Shave-a,
but most Hebrew speakers otday use the Sephardi pronunciation, so it would
be pronunced Shev-a. Not all sources agree that the source of the name is a
diminutive for Bat-Sheva or Elisheva. Some trace it to Sheva, the number
seven, which has a lot of mystical, spiritual, metaphysical and traditional
significance in Judaism.
I apologize on behalf of cantors everywhere.

All the Best,
Benzy Shani

"Joy Weaver" < > wrote:

Hi Abe.

My cousin, Sylvia, is Sheva. It does exist!

Joy Weaver
East Islip, NY

abe simon wrote:

Can anyone please validate the name Shayva or Sheva (pronounced
shave-a as in "with a razor")? Maybe my transliteration isn't right. I
have a friend in Buffalo NY who is saying a misheberach every week for
my niece to get well. The Cantor at her shul insists there is no such
name, and to do a misheberach they need her mother's name. My sister
was named for my mother's mother who my mom told us was Shayva.
Any help on this would be appreciated.

Abe Simon

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