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Sally M. Bruckheimer <sallybru@...>

Usually someone took a town name as a surname when they had moved >from that
town to a nearby one. It is the same way that someone in the US might say
Sam >from Cleveland to differentiate among the different Sam's working in a
place. When inherited names were taken (in Russia in the 1820's), sometimes
the people took a surname they were known by and used that. If the person
or his descendent now moved back to the town, then he would have the town
name and live in the town.

If Winowski is found in Poland, then it is not likely shortened from
Klewinowski-if you have seen much Polish, shortening words was not a high
priority there. But you might not find a town Winow where they came from
because they might have made up the name for another reason. Like
Bruckheimer could be someone >from Bruckheim-but there is no Bruckheim.

Sally Bruckheimer
Harrison, NY

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