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chaikin <chaikin@...>

Please forgive my Froidian mistake:
Izevel was Achav's wife !

Joy Weaver, East Islip, NY asked:

I was named Joyce Isabelle. The Joyce was for my mgm, Sheina/ Jean, and
the Isabelle for my pgf, Isadore/ Yitzak. I was never given a Jewish
equivalent for the middle name. A rabbi once told me I could use Elisheva,
but that doesn't seem to sit right. Any thoughts?

=Izevel is a biblical name >from Phoenician roots.
The Phoenicians ruled the Mediterranean sea since 1500 BCE, and so, I
assume, the name was spread and entered Spain... Or vice versa, it may have
been brought by the Phoenician sailors >from the West of the Mediterranean
sea to Israel, around the 8th century BCE, where it appear in the Bible
(King Achav's mother).
Achav is a very interesting name for genealogy: "Father's brother" :-))

Best regards, Udi Cain, Israel

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