Re: 1940 City Directory/Phone Book for New York City - H. MARX #germany

Barbara Algaze

I found my H. MARX in a free on-line Manhattan Telephone directory. His
name was Herman MARX and his sister, Nelli, was married to Alfred
ODENHEIMER. Nelli and Alfred arrived in the US in 1940. If anyone has a
connection, please contact me directly. Thank you,

Barbara Algaze, Los Angeles, California <Algaze3@...>

The moderator is correct. The street I was looking for is Nagle
** Avenue, ** NOT Nagle **Street.** ===============>

I am looking for information >from a 1940 City Directory or Telephone Book
for New York City.
I want to know if an H. MARX is listed in Manhattan at 141 Nagle Street, and
if so, what his first name was. [MOD NOTE: I had never heard of Nagle Street
so I looked it up. There is a Nagle ** Avenue ** in the Fort George section of
far northern Manhattan (New York County) south of Inwood and north of Washington
Heights. Google didn't find a Nagle **Street**.]

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