Given name anglicized to "Leonora" from ?? #germany

Jeff Lewy <airbair@...>

I have recently "discovered" a great-great aunt buried in 1868 in
Montgomery, Alabama, USA who was born in "Ostrowo," Prussia, now
Ostrow Wielkopolski, Poland. Her American name was Leonora Lewy RICH.
Her husband was Louis RICH, who remarried a year or so after
Leonora's death to Clara Gottschalk RICH.

I have a typed list of names of men and women in her generation of the
LEWY family, taken >from an unknown handwritten record >from Ostrowo.
Some came to the US, and some did not. There are two females on the
list whose birth dates might be consistent with Leonora's age. One is
Leie or Seie (the typist couldn't tell which), and the other is Gittel.

Can someone tell me which is more likely to have become Leonora in the
US? And what other names might commonly be taken in America >from these
"old country" names? Is it possible that Leie and Seie are both "real"
names, or is one real and the other a misreading of the handwriting?

And if anyone has any connection to the RICH or LEWY families, I would
be delighted to hear >from you.

Jeff Lewy, San Francisco, CA, USA <>

LEWY - Prussia; Alabama; Arkansas; Chicago
RICH - Prussia; Alabama; Nashville, TN
LO(E)WY (o umlaut) - Bohemia; Vienna; Baltimore; Chicago
KAHNWEILER - Gru(e)nstadt, Rheinland-Pfalz; Alabama; Kentucky; Chicago
HAHN - Altscho(e)nbach, Bavaria; Mobile and Demopolis, AL

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