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I have uploaded some ROSENBERG birth records >from the town of Serock to
my web site and apart >from needing translations (they're in Russian),
there seem to be one or two discrepancies. There are 7 records altogether,
2 of which have already been translated for me (those for Brucha and
Gedalia). The ones that I need help with translating are for Bjejla,
Josjek, Gjerszjon, Ljejbka and Jakov Lieb. I am trying to establish
relationships between these and Brucha and Gedalia.
As I said above, there are one or two problems:
1. It seems that there are at least two (there are two different
patronymics, but some give none), if not three, fathers named Iciek or
Icek, but the signatures are inconsistent.
2. There is one mother called Sura Ryfka DROSER and another called Ryfka
DROSEN. Could these be the same person? I have found some data on the
JRI-Poland database regarding a Sura Ryfka DRUSZN and her siblings
(surname variously spelt DROSSEN and DROZEN). Her date of birth is
reasonably consistent with either one or both the above named mothers.
3. There is another mother on some of the records, whose name I haven't
yet deciphered.
Having the documents translated would obviously help with interpreting the
information, but I would also be interested in any thoughts about the
above issues.
The URL of the main page of this puzzle is:
This page shows the fathers' signatures next to each other:
Please respond privately - beware of the spamtrap in my email address.
Many thanks,
Sue Clamp

Cambridgeshire, UK.
Getting round to (eventually!): BLEETMAN, Odessa, GOLDSTEIN and SALAMONSKI.

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