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Abuwasta Abuwasta

Dear Genners,
I would like to report a success story which is a
result of a joint effort of dedicated Genners.
I became aware of a remote cousin of my late mother.
The relative was Amalie Teichteil-Koenigsbuch and I
found her on JOWBR. She died in Johannesburg in 1942.
I found in the National Archives of South Africa that
she had a daughter called Erna(born in Essen,Germany)
who got divorced in 1943 and >from another relative I
learned that she remarried in Capetown and had 2
Well,I basically was looking for "Erna XXX who was
born in Essen,Germany and had 2 daughters in
Capetown".A search in Capetown didn't yield results
and I decided that may be she was not in Capetown.
2 Genners,Beryl Baleson >from Israel and Paul Cheifitz
from Capetown helped me.Beryl "combed" South Africa
through her contacts and Paul looked through the
archives. Last week Beryl informed me that an old man
of German origin knows a certain lady called Erna S.
in Johannesburg and gave me her phone number.There was
no answer >from that phone and considering her age(born
before WW1) it was not surprising. Paul did not give
up and finally got in touch with her when she returned
back >from a hospital.She gave him the name and phone
of her daughter with whom I spoke at length last
night.We found Erna!!!!
I salute you Genners for your relentless dedication!!!

Jacob Rosen

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