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1) Was "Yankel" a proper first name, or was it a nickname?
==Yankel is a popular diminutive for Ya`akov/Jacob

2) On my great grandfather's death certificate in 1902, his
place of origin was identified as Romania. The ship's
list that the four siblings' names was found on identified
their origin as Russia.
==Border changes in Europe are common, even today. Parts of Romania,
e.g.Bessarabia, Bukovina, Transdinestria have been part
of Russia a numbger of times.

Was "Yankel" a name that would have been used in Romania?
==It's a Yiddish name. The mjority iof Jews in Romania
spoke Yiddish.

3) Does anyone have any ideas as to what would have been
the most likely anglicization of the name "Yankel" after
arrival in America?
==Since Yankel is a form of Jacob, the likelihood is that he
might have chosen a variant of that name in the USA: Jacob,
Jack, Jake or James.

Michael Bernet, New York

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