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Dear Genners,

I apologize for this shot in the dark.

Somebody sent me an email in early-mid April asking for information on
one of "my" families. I cannot find their name or email. So -- could
that person please get back in touch with me. I apologize - my father
had just passed away and I said I'd respond within a week. Of course
I'm convinced we hold the keys to each other's families. Anyway, if
it's you, please contact me again. Thanks!

It's one of these families, though which one I am not sure:
Tuchler, Ratkowska,Bouguslauf, Hirshkowitz, Gottschalk (all of
Goldstein (Dallas TX or Petrovsk Russia or Pultusk Poland)
Finkelstein (Pultusk) Marks or Warshawsky (London, Varta Poland,
Chicago) Markowitz (Varta Poland or Chicago IL)

If this rings a bell with anybody please get back in touch with me.

Julia VZ

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